Proyecto ALCANZA

Mission and Vision of the ALCANZA Project


The Project Alcanza aspires to foster quality early childhood education by focusing its efforts on the following areas:

Professional Development

To encourage the professional development necessary for early childhood educators to offer a high-quality service and create enriched environments and learning experiences geared toward the holistic development of young children.

Tools for Independent Learning

To create educational materials useful to early childhood educators, parents, and other adults that can be used as a guide to enrich and provide quality service in line with the developmentally appropriate practices established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)to make them accessible on the project’s website.

Raise Awareness:

To raise awareness among the public regarding the elements that constitute quality service, the principles that support developmentally appropriate practices established by the NAEYC, and the importance of promoting formal training for educators, be it through an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, or graduate studies in preschool education, in order to offer the best possible early childhood education.


The Project Alcanza aspires to provide Puerto Rico with a large number of committed early childhood education professionals, highly qualified and with formal training that includes a broad knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices for the care, education, and development of young children.