Proyecto ALCANZA


Welcome to the Alcanza Project!

This project is an initiative sponsored by the Ángel Ramos Foundation and the Center for Educational Research of the College of Education at theUniversity of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras. it was established to improve the quality of early childhood education. To this end, we have prepared a collection of online resources and materials for educators, parents, and education students who work with young children. We hope that these resources will help to raise awareness amongst the public regarding:

  • the principles that support developmentally appropriate practices established by NAEYC.
  • what constitutes quality service.
  • the importance of promoting formal training for educators, whether this be the attainment of an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, or graduate studies related to the field of preschool education, in order to offer a better education to young children.

Alcanza is an independent learning strategy geared toward adults, especially those whose role it is to care for and educate children from birth to six years old. It has been laid out in a series of eight modules, all accompanied by videos that are available for free and accessible on the Center’s website. In these modules, Alcanza addresses the following issues:

  • Childhood Growth and Development: An Integrated Approach.
  • Mutual Support between Schools, Families, and the Community.
  • An Integrated Curriculum.
  • Learning Community: Environments for Exploration, Creativity, and Living.
  • Early Childhood Educators: Promoting Active Learning.
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Language Development.
  • Assessment of Early Childhood Development and Learning.
  • Ensuring Diversity in an Inclusive Environment.

We invite you to explore Alcanza’s resources and join us in working towards a quality education for all children in Puerto Rico.

Annette López de Méndez, Ed.D. Director, Alcanza Project