Acreditación de la NAEYC
The NAEYC Accreditation System

The system is founded on criteria that measure the quality of preschool programs (from birth to age 8). The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)’s criteria were established by considering current research in education and early childhood development, as well as input from experts and educators.

Módulos Educativos
Educational Modules for Educators

The modules have been designed so that the educator can determine his or her level of knowledge in each content area. Each module is composed of a text and a brief video that summarizes and highlights the module’s main ideas.

Proyecto Alcanza
What is Project Alcanza?

ALCANZA is a strategy based on independent learning geared toward adults, especially those whose role it is to care for and educate children from birth to six years old.

Details of the project
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