What is PRAEYC?

PRAEYC is a nonprofit organization affiliated with the National Association for the Education of Young Children, a prominent umbrella organization of about 130,000 members of the United States and Europe.

PRAEYC mission is to work collaboratively to enact care, education, welfare and overall development of early childhood (birth to 8 years), through opportunities to strengthen professional and programs.

The main objectives of PRAEYC are:

  • Provide opportunities and resources to develop as professionals who work in early childhood programs, such as:
    • Conferences
    • Workshops and trainings
    • Newsletters
  • Promulgate rules and resources that foster a practice of excellence in early childhood programs.
  • Disseminate guidelines for preparation and filing of professionals working in the early care and education.
  • Align the centers with respect to the administration of programs for early care and education.
  • Perform activities related to public policy, such as:
    • Guidance on issues related to licensing and regulation of early childhood service.
    • Accessory for the development of legislation and lobbying.
  • Education activities for the community such as:
    • Development and dissemination of educational materials for early childhood.
    • Disclosure related to quality programs through the media.
    • Celebration Week on Early Childhood to promulgate the importance of comprehensive development in the early years of life.
  • Establish and strengthen linkages with other organizations in the public and private sector with similar purposes.
  • Expand affiliated group throughout the island.

We invite you to visit PRAEYC‘s website and join the organization.